Cigar Rolling At Corporate Events

Corporate Parties

Attention Event Planners

Joe ‘the Cigartainer’ Sweigart is professional and a delight to work with.  He is dependable and dedicated to providing an extraordinary experience for the VIP Guests that visit his on-site cigar action station he calls Cigartainment®.

As a business owner himself, Joe knows how to interact with very high level clients.  He makes their visit to the station fun and engaging as he shares his vast knowledge about premium cigars.  He presents each cigar to the guests as if it were the president of the company doing so.  Joe knows how to channel his client’s good will with each encounter.

And the cigars are world-class quality made by Joe’s personal cigar maker, Sr. Jorge Doctsch, a Level 7 Torcedor (the highest) from Havana, Cuba.  Each premium cigar bears the client’s branding and Joe guarantees their superior quality is worthy of any aficionado and novices alike.

Please check out some of Joe’s commemorative photos by clicking here.  If you watch the videos below, you’ll see some of Joe’s personality and the fun he helps to create while performing Cigartainment®.

‘The Cigartainer’s’ client list includes many from the Fortune 500 list (please contact him for references).  When you want to impress your guests and offer them something truly memorable…call Joe Sweigart (404-441-4438) or email  Your guests will not only go home with a custom cigar with your label on it, they’ll be wondering when they can come back again!

Joe Creates Many More Smiles & Camaraderie for High Level VIP’s

Cigartainment® on Hilton Head Island

Cigartainment® in Orlando

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4 Thoughts on “Corporate Parties

  1. Joe,
    It was great seeing you and Jorge and of course getting my cigar education! lol
    the client was very happy but I knew they would be !
    Only the best will do and you guys are certainly top notch.
    I look forward to the next time.

    HI to Elaine 🙂

  2. Bernadette Kraft on September 18, 2015 at 4:09 pm said:

    Joe “The Cigartainer” is amazing. This is the second year he attended our event and everyone LOVED it. Thank You and Elaine for making our event a homerun. See you next year!!!

    • Thank you Bernadette. It’s a true pleasure working with you and your entire team. The Victory Ranch is a phenomenal place and it’s an honor to be your cigar guy. We look forward to seeing you next year. Until then, we wish you all, Long Ashes, Baby!!!

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