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Joe Can Help You Raise More Funds!

Joe knows, from many years of experience, that happy donors give more.  Of course, he also knows that cigar smokers are very generous people.  One of the reasons he wanted to get into the cigar industry was because of the people.  When Elaine worked for General Cigar, she met many cigar legends and great people who owned tobacco shops.  She introduced many of these fine folks to Joe.

Joe found them to be very generous people with their money and their time.  Of course, Joe and Elaine have always been very charitable so it was easy joining them in their efforts to help local and national charities.

Together, Joe & Elaine have helped several of their ‘friends‘ help those in need.  Their favorites are:  The Jim Mora Count On Me Family Foundation, East Lake Foundation, Morten Andersen Family Foundation and The Sebastian Ferrero Foundation.

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2 Thoughts on “Fundraisers

  1. Sandra Edstrom on March 24, 2014 at 10:39 am said:

    Last week Joe and Jorge were part of my companies client event in Orlando, FL. They did an excellent job of entertaining our clients and providing them with high quality cigars. They are professional, reliable and just down right great guys! Thanks so much Joe and Jorge – we’ll see you again at our event next year!

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