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Joe ‘the Cigartainer’ came away from the 1995 Retail Tobacco Dealers Association (RTDA – now the IPCPR) tradeshow in Orlando with the dream of producing the world’s finest private label premium cigars in small quantities.

Due to the cigar boom of the mid 90’s, Joe had difficulty maintaining a consistent supplier of quality cigars.  That changed in 1998 when Guillermo Leon of LaAurora Cigars in the Dominican Repulblic (DR) began making cigars for Joe’s private label and a brand he created called ‘Millennium.’  Joe and his wife, Elaine, have visited with Guillermo at several cigar shows and have been to the factory in the DR.

In 1999, Hendrick ‘Henke’ Kelner, maker of Davidoff, AVO & Griffins, agreed to make cigars for a second line of ‘Millennium.’  Henke visited Joe and Elaine in Atlanta and they returned the favor by visiting his factory in the DR.  Eventually Henke made all Joe’s private label cigars, too.

You can see lots of pictures of Joe and Elaine with Guillermo, Henke and several other cigar legends by clicking here.

The cigars from the DR are very good and Joe was proud to have these great cigar makers produce his cigars.  However, Cuban cigar maker, Jorge Doctsch, introduced Joe to the Cuban style of making cigars in 2001.  Joe has studied the differences in tobacco growing, fermentation and rolling techniques between the Dominican and Cuban.  Joe is a Certified Sales Tobacconist via Tobacconist University, the teaching arm of the IPCPR.  He’s learned a lot since 1995.

There is a reason why Cuban cigars are still considered the world’s best by smokers around the globe in spite of inconsistencies with their tobacco.  A major part of that reason is the rolling techniques employed by the Cuban Maestros like Jorge.  And Jorge knows this first-hand because he worked in those factories in Havana.

The best Cuban cigar rollers use the entubado method of bunching with means each filler leaf is rolled individually into a mini-tube (it takes five of these for our cigars) before it is wrapped with the binder leaf.  This produces the best draw possible and is far superior to the other methods.  Jorge also finishes the outside wrapper with the full ‘panuelo,’ which means there are three rings around the head of the cigar.

All our cigars are made in this tradition by Jorge and his wife, Ingrid, in their factory in Port St. Lucie, FL.  Jorge purchases our tobacco personally in the importer’s warehouses in Miami.  He only chooses the absolute best Dominican Fillers & Binders along with fantastic Connecticut Shade Wrappers.  This blend has been enjoyed by thousands of smokers, aficionados and novices alike.  Many of them have proclaimed our cigars to be, “the best cigars they’ve ever smoked.”

Joe has come a long way since that trade show in 1995 and the results are clear…Joe’s dream has come true!  He does produce the world’s finest private label premium cigars.  You can have them with your name/logo and the minimum is only two boxes (50 cigars).  You and whomever you gift them to, will definitely enjoy what Joe calls, Long Ashes, Baby!!!

Use the world’s finest private label premium cigars for any business purpose (also personal enjoyment):

*Golf Events    *Networking Events    *Sales Calls

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7 Thoughts on “Custom Labels and Cigars

  1. Anne Boon on March 17, 2014 at 4:25 pm said:

    Joe supplied Alliance Flooring’s Annual Convention with boxes of hand rolled, and corporate branded, cigars. A huge hit with our crowd. We have worked with Joe for some time and now our members expect to enjoy these specialty cigars at every convention!

    Thanks Joe!!

    • Thank you very much Anne. It’s an honor and delight to work with you, Ryan and the entire team at Alliance Flooring.
      I’m sure we’ll talk again soon. In the meantime, I wish you and all,
      Long Ashes, Baby!!!

  2. Joe,
    Thanks again for the great cigars. They were a big hit with the guys.

  3. Ken Conway on April 6, 2014 at 10:35 pm said:

    Joe –

    You continue to impress. I must have ordered 25 boxes now with my company logo on the cigar box, with gold embroidery – it just takes people’s breath away when they get it as a gift! The box still sticks around their office after they finish the cigars (so they remember me). All my clients ask me for another box. What a way to be remembered and cultivate more business!

    On top of that, your cigars are the best I have ever had.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Russ Bonaguidi on May 22, 2014 at 10:52 am said:

    Joe –

    Cigars arrived yesterday. I was very anxious for my first one, but held off until evening when I could invite 3 friends to join me.

    After pouring our cognacs, I brought out the cigars and gave them your write-up on the cigars’ construction.

    The boys were immediately impressed by the box with my custom label and even more jealous with the Russ B… Private Reserve labels on the cigars. Two even brought their cigar rings home to show their wives.

    But the real excitement came when we lit up! The smoke was so toasty and the draw was beautiful and easy. Just for fun, I intentionally avoided knocking off my ash without saying anything. When it was about an inch and 1/2 long, one of the guys noticed. Now, that ash became a topic of discussion. They checked on me frequently and we were all disappointed when it fell off at just over 2 1/2 inches.

    In the end, there were a lot of burnt fingers. Not a bad thing!! The draw was so easy and cool, we all smoked ours down to the nubs.

    GREAT SMOKE! Acclaimed the best they all had and we all smoke often; and generally, fairly high-end stuff.

    Next Cigar Night is is at my house on June 3 for 8 aficionados. All top shelf beverages, gourmet food and Russ B… Private Reserve cigars!

    Thanks Joe! I’m a hit and you and Jorge are the reason!

    Russ B.

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